CodeShod provide the highest level of quality software products and services globally that meet the needs of our customers by maintaining our staff as our principal asset and being responsive to market expectations. Any progressive business demands the right tools to guide innovation and achieve strategic superiority.

Customized Software

We have customized solutions for your problems that can help you with less stress and also be cost effective. Custom software development helps the client get a software solution that truly matches their needs. This solution powers every stage of product development in a way that it helps gain more knowledge and expertise for the developer by the market's increasing needs and values. The idea to have custom software for the organizations results in having a refined solution with great quality and high standards. As the provided solution are rich in features and mostly new in terms of the functionalities and working. There is no application or website that can fully be parallel to your requirements and needs so designing a custom solution is what we suggest and develop in the best ways. We propose and develop custom application and web development solutions for different industries.

Web App Development

To establish a business it is important to have a website that is a visual representation of your business. We are here to provide you with an amazing website that reflects effective designs and the best creativity ever. The website we develop is really interactive and engaging yet they deliver your business message in a simple and decent way. We have experts to develop and design websites in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and PHP Laravel. We also have WordPress experts to create a perfect website according to your demands and suitable for your business. We have already developed websites as per worldwide standards that are spreading their sparks in the market. The websites we create for you are user-friendly, responsive and easy to navigate along with following the market trends.

Mobile App Development

Smartphones are gaining popularity as well as smart software solutions CodeShod provides the best solutions in form of custom applications to help our clients get their business in their hand and to have an interactive environment outside the desktop. Application development has indeed proven to be the most optimized solution to run and to grow any business or to make any task reach its easiest level. It saves time and money and also has the potential to stand alone among competitors. App-based solutions to any complexity are secure and helpful. CodeShod has expert Android and iOS developers and they are the backbone of our organization as are they are professionally skilled to provide the best application based solutions. We follow the standard path for the development of our application so that we get the expected quality and functioning of our product.

Graphic Designing

With the generation moving a lot faster there is a new trend floating in the market of visual representation of almost every business message or idea. Not ignoring the importance of logos, posters, banners and other essential graphics a company or a brand requires to head towards success. CodeShod has brilliant graphic designers to help you in either starting a new business by designing logos and informational posters or helping you retain your position in the market by making attractive and creative promotional poster or banners because we want our client's to be on top.

Quality Assurance & Testing

CodeShod has the best quality assurance team that is immensely dedicated to their work. We provide our clients with full support before deploying the software in terms of ensuring the quality of software by applying full lifecycle testing that covers all the main stages of project development. Whether it's a desktop or a mobile application, we provide assistance to the software so that our clients get the deliverable that meets the quality standards. On the way of building long term relationships with our clients, we use unit testing to automated full testing of the product to ensure that we provide you with an effective and efficient end product.

Business Process Management

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Search Engine Optimization

In the race of seeking customers or clients to your business or product, SEO has been the most useful cheat way to get you on top among others. Organic search nowadays is so important to drive the targeted traffic to your websites. CodeShod has been providing its clients with the most accurate SEO that has reflected better user experience towards their business. Search Engine Optimization is a long term strategy as it is a continuous process of improving your software efficiency in terms of content, graphics and load performance to increase engagement and traffic towards the websites or application installments for higher ranking.

Technologies We Work In..

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And How Good?

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